Project Lebanon 2014 (Biel)

Smartec footprint in biel has attracted many visitors that where amazed regarding smartec product by their quality, design, functionality and it's ability for upgrades. All that off course is due to the leading expert Mr. Ayoub founder of Smartec along with his innovated engineering team.

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Smartec Technology Group

Smartec Technology Group (STG), Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of SMARTEC, is continuing developing its Location Base System for multiple demanding application.

Our  research and development department, distributors, agents providing all over world market requirement. All AVL products for Location Based system wholly owned and produced by Smartec. Since 1997 (New Jersey) till now Smartec products cover from USA to Africa, South America and Middle East. For both Tracking and Automated System, clients satisfaction is our priority and that's what made us today with our latest technology the main power for business solution.

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