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Smartec Technologies, specializes in the design and production of high technology electronic products.

Throught its innovative, patented technologies, Smartec has quickly emerged as a leading provider of systems that monitor, manage and protect mobile and remote assets.Smartec technologies is the global price leader for capturing remote performance monitoring, security and communications technologies used in a broad range of critical applications.

What is the Right GPS Vehicle Tracking System for You?

In GPS solution, as you explore the various options, note that there are two types of systems on the market, passive and live. The Passive tracking systems store data (ReTrac 3.70, SofTrac™) in 5 second increments. Every 5 seconds the ReTrac or SofTrac unit will record date, time, longitude and latitude then calculate speed, once the unit returns to the office the data can be downloaded by removing the data card (holds 30 days of data recording at 5 second increments) and uploading it on your office computer. From this data, the software can generate over 12 different reports for analyzing your vehicles and drivers.

The second type of system is a live tracking unit (SofTrac™ Active) this system basically does the same thing but instead of recording every 5 seconds it works on exceptions (i.e. Speeding, stopped to long, idling too long, etc.) then on preset intervals or upon demand the unit will download the information over a cellular or 1X data network to a website that the user logs into and tracks their vehicles.

If this type of real time access is unnecessary, you can find cheaper alternatives that use something called "passive GPS tracking." Instead of relaying vehicle information back to the office immediately, to be displayed in real time, a passive GPS unit uses its own memory to store a record of vehicle activity to be viewed once the driver returns to the office.

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