Elevator Controller

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EMW2.15® Elevator Control System is a state-of-the-art high-speed Microcomputer based elevator control system that continuously collects and evaluates traffic demand patterns for each individual elevator car and the entire elevator system. Based on real time events when compared to predicted traffic conditions and anticipated system demands, the EMW2.15® Elevator Control System automatically modifies its dispatching parameters to optimize system operation.

Individual elements of the EMW2.15® Elevator Control System (Group Supervisory Panel, Car Control System, Motion Control System and Drive Control System) were created to interface in a cohesive manner to provide an elevator system with unmatched ride quality characteristics while exceeding the most stringent performance requirements.

EMW2.15® Group Supervisory Panel Operating under standard serial communications protocol, the EMW2.15® Group Supervisory Panel constantly monitors and analyzes changing traffic demands to predict the future movement of the entire elevator system and to create a real time traffic pattern scenario.

Based in part on the following factors: (a) elevator status, (b) elevator direction of travel and hoist way position, (c) hall call assignments, (d) car call patterns, (e) door position, (f) stopping parameters, and (g) systems conditions, the EMW2.15® Group Supervisory Panel automatically recognizes any fluctuations in traffic conditions and immediately adjusts the system operation.

Combining real time conditions, historical traffic patterns and predicted system demand, theEMW2.15® Group Supervisory Control System continually creates an arrival time prediction diagram for each elevator car and constantly calculates the shortest waiting time when making a hall call assignment.

EMW2.15® Car Control System Utilizing sophisticated smarTEC’s Microcomputer technology and advanced distributed controller design concepts, the EMW2.15® Car Control System uses a distributed control network to provide an extremely powerful and incredibly flexible elevator control system. Operating under the Plug And Play® communications protocol (interconnected communication via high-speed serial data links), the EMW2.15® Car Control System continuously distributes control to specific sections of the elevator car (elevator car top, elevator car operating panel, elevator hall fixtures, etc.) to provide superior system performance.

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