More than just power..

Industrial market applications

Smartec offers global backup solutions for all industries requiring a reliable and uninterruptible power supply for their appliances and ensures the completion of complex processes.


Mobile applications

All the power of an energy supply at the service of vehicles and a reliable energy for safe navigation at all times.

Generator Controller

Generator controller

Perhaps we have the solutions to realize your ingenious ideas!

When power cuts are not an option

World record for high-altitude expedition

Discover a 100% carbon neutral adventure!

Elevator Controller

Stay up to date with the latest news for Elevator Controller.


Generator Controller

The GENSTAR is an auto start generator controller that can control one generator. It includes a large LCD display, 5 control push buttons, 10 indicator LEDs. It displays all information needed to analyze the system. It monitors internal protections and external fault inputs. It can display all current and voltage measurements for the main power.             


Renewable Energy

Self-consumption Systems

It is possible to reduce dependence on the electrical grid and increase the consumption of energy produced locally by adding battery storage of renewable energy.




Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery 8.32KWH-48V with Built-in BMS Controller

Use Elevator 24/24 with Smart Elevator System

Smart Elevator System

Inverter System for Elevator and optional Solar Usage .You can use the Elevator 24/24 by Smartec Elevator System 



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